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NZ Press Interview

You live in Switzerland now. How much influence does New Zealand have on your writing? New Zealand has a large influence on my work. I started writing because I had a story to tell, the story of The Spanish Helmet. This is New Zealand’s story. Admittedly, I wanted to inject some Switzerland into it too,

Spanish in New Zealand Before the Dutch or British?

The official story is that the Spanish didn’t reach New Zealand’s shores before the Dutch, right? Well, kind of. In actual fact, there has been plenty of suggestion to this theory long before most Kiwi’s would imagine. Here follows some excerpts from a 1949 publication of Joseph Angus Mackay (the good bits are often quotes

31 Places to Promote Your Book Trailer

So many self-publishing gurus tell us that we need to have a book trailer, so I made one. But what do you do with the book trailer after production? Upload it to YouTube and forget it? Do that and a week later all you are likely to have as a return on your investment (be