Seven Falls – Swiss Alpine Thriller

Seven Falls was released on 1st April 2014 on Kindle Seven Falls Detective Thomas Holder is obsessed with searching for his kidnapped daughter. Holder’s only clue, that her kidnapper was involved in a religious sect. When Jesse, a fifteen-year-old boy accused of murder escapes from an elusive cult high in the Swiss Alps, Holder decides

NZ History Questioned: The Ruamahanga European Skull

It doesn’t seem possible that despite my previous efforts into collecting information about the skull of a European woman found in Ruamahanga in 2004 that I have completely omitted writing something about it here. It’s time to correct that. The Mystery Begins As reported in numerous newspapers of the time and discussed more thoroughly in

360° Neuseeland Interview

This was printed in the special Frankfurt Book Fair edition of 360° Neuseeland. Be sure to visit their website and discover the rest of their great content. An English translation of this interview will follow on my site as soon as possible. Verschwörungsroman „Der spanische Helm“: Wer entdeckte Neuseeland wirklich? Mit seinem Erstlingswerk hat der in

Der Spanische Helm – Intro

Ein Telefongespräch zwischen zwei Freunden löst eine Reihe von Ereignissen aus, welche die gesamte offizielle Geschichte Neuseelands in Frage stellen könnten. Dr. Matthew Cameron reist nach Neuseeland und ans andere Ende der Welt, in die Schweiz, um die Hintergründe einer verblüffenden archäologischen Entdeckung zu erforschen. Auf seiner Reise folgt er einer Spur von Hinweisen quer

Der Spanische Helm – Release and FREE

Der Spanische Helm is finally ready (kind of) and is available on Kindle for FREE on Thursday 17th (Auffahrt/Christi Himmelfahrt) from 9am CET for 24 hours. Be sure to get your copy and tell your friends.